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Divisional age groups are played for points and Championships, Promotion and Relegation in the U13 to U18 age groups.


The Club will run trials for its top competition squads in the Mixed competition age groups (and if player numbers exceed 16 in the Female competitions). These trials occur in late October through to early December, with successful players provided with a Letter of Offer, and unsuccessful players able to register in our other squads when the online registration system becomes available for the new Season. 

Football Queensland accommodates Divisional Football for ages U13-U18 with Divisions ranging from division 9 up to division 1 and then the Football Queensland Academy League (FQAL).


Football Queensland has Competitions that can accommodate mixed gender teams, or female only leagues. ​Teams can move between Divisions at the end of each year by either being promoted or relegated. Teams also compete in Finals football if they finish in the top four positions in their league.

U13 - U18 play home and away matches and game times are dependant on the competition the team is placed into and their age group. They could play on Friday nights, Saturday or Sunday. 

Training for these age groups (except for the FQPL and Division 1 squads) is once per week and it is scheduled in a 1.25 hour time slot between Monday to Thursday either 4.30pm to 5.45pm or 6.00pm to 7.15pm or Friday 4.30pm to 5.45pm.

For Registration please go to the Registration page

For Fees and what is provided for this amount please go to the Fees page

Grange Thistle Football Club accommodates a range of divisional teams across all the age groups and both genders, often fielding more than one team in its age bracket. 

Mixed Competitions

U13 - FQPL Development and Divisional Team/s
U14 - FQPL Development and Divisional Team/s
U15 - FQPL Development and Divisional Team/s
U16 - FQPL Development and Divisional Team/s

U18 - FQPL Development and Divisional Team/s

Female Competitions

U13 – Divisional Team/s

U14 – Divisional Team/s

U15 – Divisional Team/s

U16 – Divisional Team/s

U18 - Divisional Team/s

Players can express their interest in joining a divisional team by sending an email to -

FQAL Development Squads

FQAL Development Football is an elite age group Competition administered by Football Queensland (FQ) for age levels U13 to U16.

How are players and teams selected?
GTFC will announce trial dates for FQAL Development traditionally in October - December for the under 12 to Under 16 age groups trials, with an experienced coaching staff selecting squads for the subsequent season. 

When do we play and train?

FQAL Development Football can be played on either Friday evening, Saturdays or Sundays depending on the age group and FQ scheduling, with a home and away ground format. Training is held twice a week on midweek evenings.

Who coaches FQAL Development Football?
FQAL Development teams have dedicated coaches with a minimum FFA C Youth Licence accreditation (or in the process of achieving this level of accreditation).

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