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Holiday Soccer Camps

Scheduled Holiday Camps run Monday to Thursday from 9.00am to 2.00pm
in the School Holidays. 

Registrations are essential and the Registration Forms close the end of the week
before the Camp is to be held or earlier if numbers approach available Coaching limits.

See our News and Facebook pages for more information.

Next Holiday Clinic

January Holiday Clinic: Monday 16th to Thursday 19th January 2023  

Registration Form Link - CLOSED!

Please email info@grangethistle for information.

Holiday Clinic Policy Document

Registration and Payment Options
(Please select ether All Days OR any combination of single days)

Credit Card

Payments can be made by contacting the Club Manager with details at

Payment amount for all four days is $200
If attending less than all four days, calculate the amount by adding the rate by the days attending.
Payment for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is $65 per day
Payment For Thursday is $70 (includes BBQ Lunch)
Attending Mon and Tue - 2 x $65 = $130
Attending Mon and Thu - 1 x $65 + 1 x $70 = $135

Upon completion of the Form, the participant will be accepted subject to payment being reconciled.


Parking available onsite around the back of the main Clubhouse. 

Holiday Clinic Venue Maps Parking.JPG

When you arrive, check for your child/children's Name and Field location on the list provided on the wall of the Canteen building. Field allocation maps are on the Field Map, also on the Canteen wall. 

Holiday Clinic Venue Maps Directions.JPG

Once you have identified your allocated area, move to it to meet your Coach for Check In and to receive your Holiday Clinic Shirt (on your first day). The following map is an indication of possible field layouts for the Clinic.

April 2021 Clinic Page 3.JPG
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