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Grange Bowls Hire Information

In 1944, the Grange Bowls Club was built be returning war veterans to play lawn bowls and have their own sanctuary to maintain the bond created during their service and of course, to have fun and socialize. The game of bowls is certainly not as easy as it looks and we encourage everyone of ANY AGE who comes to club to give it go. Even though the lawn bowls are too big and heavy for smaller children, we have smaller, rubber bowls sets suitable for children under 10 years to play with so they don’t miss out on the fun. We do ask that all children playing do so UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION.


Barefoot bowls is a fun and relaxed way to spend the day, afternoon or night with friends or family. We have lights so there’s no excuse to stop playing in the summer months. We encourage everyone to play. Why not start a competition between your friends or work colleagues.

The club does have some requirements when playing bowls including:

  • No footwear other than flat soled shoes and bare feet (with socks if desired) is permitted when playing bowls;

  • No food or drinks are to be carried across the green;

  • No greens equipment is to be moved;

  • Bowls must be returned to their matching sets to their carrier racks at the end of play.

  • Jacks and mats are to be returned to the trolley provided or storage area.

  • If playing alongside bowling members, please respect their rinks and play.

The cost is $15 per person. Packages are available for large groups. For more information about joining or bowls packages, please contact the club at or talk to the club manager.

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