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Policies & Procedures

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5 Year Strategic Plan for Football

Grange Thistle Plan for Football

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Here you can view the GTSC Constitution document as well as club policies. 

GTFC Code of Conduct

to be used in association with those of Football Australia and Football Queensland statutes. 

FFA Statutes and Regulations

Grange Thistle supports the following FFA polices and codes:

Specific documentation of the FFA Statutes and Regulations

FFA National Code of Conduct

GTFC Refund Policy

The GTFC Refund Policy is consistent with the Football Queensland ‘REFUND OF GOVERNING BODY FEES POLICY’ i.e.:

(a) Notwithstanding requirements by statute (such as in accordance with state and/or federal consumer protection legislation), GTFC are only required to refund registration fees (or parts thereof) to Amateur Players where:

i. the Amateur Player has not participated in any form of training session (pre-season or in-season), team trials (formal or informal), player grading or selection processes, pre-season matches, practice matches, official fixtures, or otherwise appeared on a match record for his or her club; and

ii. the Amateur Player has formally applied for a refund of registration fees in writing to the GTFC Board.

(b) At their complete discretion, the GTFC Board may deem exceptional circumstances and determine that a proportionate refund of registration fees is appropriate if certain no fault circumstances on de-registration are present.

Explanation of GTFC Refund Policy

The GTFC Refund Policy exists to protect the financial viability of the Club and the refund of registration fees are only approved in exceptional circumstances. Once a player is offered and accepts a position in a team, a change of mind or seeking a position at another Club are not considered exceptional circumstances.

GTFC uses registration fee revenue to cover fixed costs such as coaching staff, uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, water and clubhouse operations. Once a player accepts a position in a 'selected' team, the Club relies on this committed registration fee income in its budget. Other potential players who are not offered positions generally go elsewhere, hence the opportunity cost is incurred at this point.

If a player moves to another Club in the same season, the portion of their registration fee paid to Football Federation Australia and Football Queensland may potentially be transferred so the player does not incur those fees twice.

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