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The Academy

Grange Roar Academy has been developed with the aim of providing access and opportunity for talented young players to forge a career in professional football.  GTFC believe that football education should be fun, exciting and delivered by quality qualified coaches in a safe, friendly and highly organised environment. GTFC wants to help promote a healthy lifestyle and our programs are all about all-inclusion and being active whistle incorporating decision-making techniques and fundamental football practices. 

The aim is create an environment from which players can learn and talent emerge free of pressure, under the guidance of our experts in player development. The Grange Thistle Academy program is accessible and inclusive for any young player to enter from the club. Grange Roar’s qualified Academy staff work on a week-to-week basis with Grange Thistle and staff to ensure the best environment for players is implemented. 

We hope to see you soon!

Grange Thistle Academy for 2023 Season  (Trials in Oct 2022)

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