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Whether you are a previous or new member of the Club,
the following information will give you some idea of where information can be found, times events occur, and where more details can be found on the site.

What Age Group should my child be registered into.

Age groups in football as with almost all Sports is determined by their year of birth between 1 Jan and 31 Dec of the year. This page has the detail for correct age you should register into. 

Find my Age Group

When does the Season Start?

Depending on the Competition level and age group you or your child is in, determines when the Competition Starts. Note: Competition start date is not necessarily when activates start, Trials or Training will be earlier and communicated to you from the Club or your Team Management.

Look for the age and competition you are in down the left column. Also note the dates at the top are a Friday.


Important Dates apart from Season Start

The Competition Season is created by Football Queensland and is in the SEASON CALENDAR. Our Club then runs other events throughout the year. The link below will show events and dates the Club runs them throughout the coming year. Note - these are subject to change and should be checked regularly.

Go to the
Page for this information.

Registering to Play

The Club has a number of Registration options for you. The main one being Registering for the Football Season. This can only be done using SQUADI.

Others are our Squirts Program, Holiday Clinics, FC1919 Rapid Acceleration Program, and Summer 6s. 

Go to the Registrations Page for this information.


What level of Competition is for me?

​If you want to play with your mates, the level of Football competition is called Community and the name of the group is highlighted below.

  • 3 to 5 years old - Squirts

  • Will be 5 and up to 13 this year - Miniroos

  • Will be 14 to 18 this year - Junior Divisional

  • 18 and over - Metro 

    IF you want to play at the top level our Club participates in, you need to Trial and be offered a place.

  • U08 to U18 - FQAL

  • U18 upwards - FQPL

Information is available FOOTBALL

When does training start?

  • Squirts do not train.

  • Training for Under 6 and 7 inhouse age groups is before they play. Therefore it will be from the first Saturday of Competition - see the Competition Calendar.

  • Training for all other age groups in Community Football Teams, both Junior and Senior will start approximately one month before their age group Competitions commence.

    • U8 to U18 Community Teams must be formed at the Muster called by the Club.

    • At this time the Coach and Manager will be nominated from parents of the team.

    • All members of the team will then discuss and provide the Club with 3 days and times they would prefer to train in the available time slots. (e.g. Monday to Thursday 4.00, 5.00, 6.00 or Friday 4.00 or 5.00)

    • The Club will collate all requests and confirm the time and place for each team after which training will commence. ​

  • Training for FQ Academy League and FQ Premier League teams will be determined by the Technical Director and Coaching Group and communicated directly to the selected players.​

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