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Personal Training Options 


During the summer, Coach Max will be offering individual training sessions to players who want to continue their training and development. 

To assist players to tap into their full potential and to learn first-hand that their development is a direct result of their own focus, engagement and perseverance. Personal Training Sessions are ideal for empowering and developing awareness that boosts an individuals confidence as a player and a person.

At GTFC the players will:

  • Refine their technique

  • Shoot and pass with more accuracy and quality

  • Learn an array of new skills and when to use each

  • Dribble with more control and speed

  • Execute sharper changes of direction

  • Prime the quality of their first-touch

  • Reach their goals!

We welcome boys and girls of all ages and skill-sets."

Sessions will be between 30 to 60 minutes.  Pricing will be discussed during session setup.


Contact Coach Max to arrange training sessions - Limited spots.​


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