2021 GTFC Training Allocations


Updated 29 April 2021

The following information is for the standard weeknight training allocations for each Junior  & Senior team at Grange under the COVID Safe Plan.


There are 15 Minute breaks between each session. During this time Teams will immediately exit if they have completed their training allocation time. Once the field is cleared, the next group may enter using the appropriate gates for their training position. Coaches use this time to break down or set up their training area.

Attendance monitoring is a MANDATORY requirement under the COVID SAFE PLAN and must be recorded by way of the QR Code or URL listed below. Paper copies are not acceptable.

All people (Players, Coaches, Managers, Parents, Siblings etc) who enter Lanham Park MUST register if they are not transiting through the venue. 

COVID Attendance QR Code for training and matches at Grange Thistle


If you do not have a QR Code scanner, use the following link for Grange Thistle Attendance Form:


When attending other clubs for matches or trials, look for posters with that Club's QR Code and scan the code or the URL to be able to complete the Form for attending their Club. 

If you can not find the QR Code at another Club, seek out a Club Official for assistance. 

Training Fields - Entry Exit Map up from 14 February 2021

20200713 Field 1 and 3 Entry Exit Map.JP
20200713 Field 2 Entry Exit Map.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Mon 1800.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Mon 1930.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Tue 1630.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Tue 1800.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Tue 1930.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Wed 1630.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Wed 1800.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Wed 1930.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Thu 1630.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Thu 1800.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Thu 1930.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Fri 1630.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Fri 1800.JPG
20210420 Train Alloc Fri 1930.JPG