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VALE: Allan "Bluey" SMITH - GTFC Life Member

Allan 'Bluey' Smith passed away on July 9th, 2021, he was 84.

Bluey, a player in our first team in the mid 1960s and Life Member since 1972 will be sadly missed.

The following is an excerpt of the message from his son, Brad Smith that we received this morning:

I grew up with my dad playing for Grange Thistle and spent most of my youth at the club whether at his practices, games or award events. I myself played but wasn't in the same league as far as talent at least with soccer.

He loved playing soccer, he loved representing Grange Thistle and was very proud of how they grew and remained a strong force in the world of soccer.

My dad will be cremated tomorrow (Friday) at Mt. Thompson


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