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Buy-A-Brick: Leave a Legacy
We are thrilled to launch the
Grange Thistle Football Club Buy-A-Brick and Leave a Legacy campaign.


Now is the perfect time to purchase a named brick and be part of the Thistle Club’s Buy-A-Brick campaign! You can both support the Football Club and also create a very special momento in the Club’s grounds on behalf of you, your child(ren) and/or their families, Old players, current players, families, current and past parents, staff, supporters and organisations are all invited to help us with this campaign as we build this wonderful club for the next generation.

This special fund has been established for the purpose of raising funds for our current major works project: The completion of our new change rooms, the fit-out of the new club deck, The completion of our new Parent and disable toilets facility, the completion of the replacement football and greenkeeper sheds, and the new medical rooms.  All income generated is used exclusively to fund these major works projects.

These works will enable members and visitors to enjoy the new facilities from the new changerooms and viewing deck. They will also ensure that our new storage and greenkeeper sheds are safe and weather-proof to store our football equipment. We are using our accumulated funds, the generous grant from the Federal and State governments to fund these projects. The total cost is currently estimated to be in excess of $1m but costs and standards are continuing to increase.

We need your help to cover $70K, to enable this project to go be complete. The Change room project build is scheduled to be complete in early 2023, allowing us time to access in next football season.

We welcome donations from all members of the Football community. Every donation will be honoured and your contribution will literally change the plater experience of young men and women today, and for years to come.

Make a donation today, and Leave a Legacy!

Make a donation today, and Leave a Legacy

Your Buy-A-Brick donation options are:

1. Plaque $175.00
A personalised named plaque will be placed next to the bar, a symbolic part of the Club where specators gather to watch games.

2. Tile $500.00

A personalised named tile will be placed next to the bar and in the new tunnel of the change rooms, where players gather in before the games, and at halftime.

3. Name on Honours Board $1000.00

Donor recognition is available to any organisation, family or individual that supports the Club's Project. The name will be placed on the Honour board, a framed certificate will be presented at the unveiling of the honour board celebration evening.

Donate and order your plaque, or tile or become a benefactor today.

We highly encourage you to share this webpage link with those who wish to contribute and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. 

Enquiries concerning this campaign, donations, financial gifts, or bequests to Grange Thistle can be made in confidence to:

Craig Buerckner

Club President



Ph: 0409 909 270

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