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Photo Day 2022

For this process to work smoothly, we need your assistance.

Please have the entire team arrive before your allotted time, wearing full HOME playing kit. (This will be one of the only times boots will be allowed in the Clubhouse).

Use the Grandstand in front of the Clubhouse to group your team. Do Not congregate on the top walkway unless you are directed to, please!)

Your team will be called up as they are required by either a photographer or Club Member, please be watchful and ready to follow instructions.

Coaches and Managers, please check off the names for your team on the sheet that will be provided by the Photographers / Club Member. These details are directly from the Play Football Online Registration System. So if there is a name error or spelling mistake, it comes from the registration.

Individual player photos are generally taken after the Team Shot which includes the Coaches and Managers for the team.

Once all shots are taken, please do not linger in the area. Move away from the Clubhouse and Grandstand.

Should a team not be ready, we may move on to another team and then slot the delayed team in where we can.


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