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2021 Women’s National Premier League

As you may have heard, we, unfortunately, missed out on a license for the 2021 Women’s National Premier League.

While we are disappointed that we were not successful in this application, we are nonetheless excited for the season ahead and to continue to grow the fantastic Grange Girls Program that we have been building over the last few years. It will mean that we can continue to be a community club providing opportunities for girls of all levels and abilities.

This will include an expanded Girls Academy Program run by Technical Director, John Cook.

With all of this in mind, we would like to assure you that players from our all girls teams from 2020 will be offered a place at the club next season without needing to trial. We ask that anyone planning to return in 2021 (or anyone who is considering it as an option) to please fill out the Expression of Interest Form at the link below.

We will be advertising available positions for teams that may not be full. Therefore, it is important to secure your spot early so that we can assess the numbers and strive to fill any gaps necessary.

Alternatively, if you are intending on moving clubs or not playing next season, be sure to let us know to assist us in our planning process. We wish anyone moving on to other ventures the best of luck!

Thank you for a fantastic 2020 season. We look forward to hopefully seeing you again next year.

Kate Lawson Director of Female Football


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