Muster Day 2022

Timeframe: 6 March 2022 to 10 March


Forming Teams for the Season in the Under 6 to Under 12 age groups from players that have registered through the Play Football Online System in January\February

Every year, around 1000 players register with Grange Thistle, with the vast majority being Juniors. The Club volunteers work through the information provided and the many requests to play with friends or to play in a particular team. The end result is delivered on Muster days.  The Club knows it can never fulfil every request, but everyone working through this task do their best.


What is it
  • The Muster is a group of meetings of age groups where players and their parents or guardians come together for the first time in the Season.

  • The Club will have formed teams from players that have registered in the Online Registration system, Play Football, up to and including midnight on the Wednesday before the scheduled meetings. Any player who registers after this time will be added to teams at a later date or placed on a waiting list if there is no space available in the age group.

  • This is for out Community level teams, not FQPL Development and Academy squads who have already been formed.

What to bring
  • You and your child who is participating in the team. If possible, due to the large numbers attending, please do not bring any other children with you.

What will happen at the Muster
  • There will not be any games or training on Muster Meeting days. It is only to form and meet team members. No need for your child to be in the training kit.

  • The team will be named and players' names called out.

  • A Team list Sheet will be provided to the Team.

  • Each Team groups together to meet each other.

  • Parents volunteer as Coach and Manager (No Coach or Manager = no Team)

  • U8 to U12 Teams provide the Club with 3 day and time options for training. The Club will inform the Manager later, which option if any will be available for the team and where on the pitches the allocation is to train. This training will commence from Monday 14th March.

  • U6 teams train on the Field they are scheduled to play on Saturday mornings commencing from 23rd April.

  • U7 teams train on Field 1 before they play also on Saturday mornings commencing from 23rd April.

  • Kit for the Coach (Balls, Cones, and Bibs) collection will be arranged by the Club Equipment Officer

  • Jerseys for the Team – collection will be arranged via the Club Equipment Office.

  • The Team Manager will be provided with contact details for all players in the Team for future communication.

Merchandise - (See the Shop tab on the Club Website)
  • Club Shorts and Socks are the only mandatory additional cost and will be available via the Grange Thistle Shop. 

  • The Merchandise shop will also be available on the day of the Muster and then each weekday evening from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm. It will also be available for purchases on Saturday mornings during the Season (from 23rd April).

  • Purchases can be made by Credit or Debit Card and Cash.

What happens in the days after the Muster
  • Volunteer Coaches and Managers will need to register in Play Football.

  • U8 to U12 teams will be advised through the Manager of their Training allocation.  This information is also available via the Club Website under the Football Tab. (This may take a week)

  • Team Training for U8 and U12s can commence as soon as the training allocation is provided by the Club. Please do not just turn up to the fields expecting to be able to take a space. The Club has over 1000 players that are training on 2 and a half fields. This makes space very precious and therefore must be managed to minimise clashes.

  • Coaches will be contacted by the Technical Director – Coach Max, with information on Coaching plans, drills, and any other assistance you may need around coaching your Team.

  • Managers will be contacted by Adam Spencer (Club Secretary) with information for Managers to assist the running of your Team.

  • Late registered players will be allocated to teams if space is available.

  • Player movements between teams will only occur if space is available.


Season Dates and Runtimes
  • Football Queensland Miniroo Team nominations Close: 4th March 2022

  • MUSTER DATES - All held at the GTFC Clubhouse and do not include the Academy Squads​​

    • U06 Muster - Sunday 6th March 9.00am (Time update)

    • U07 Muster - Sunday 6th March 11.00am (Time update)

    • U08 Muster - Sunday 6th March 1.00pm (Time update)

    • U09 Muster -  Monday 7th March 5.30pm - NEW DATE

    • U10 Muster - Tuesday 8th March 5.30pm - NEW DATE

    • U11 Muster - Wednesday 9th March 5.30pm - NEW DATE

    • U12 Muster - Thursday 10th March 5.30pm - NEW DATE and Time

    • U10-12 Girls Muster - Friday 11th March 5.30pm - NEW

  • April Holiday Clinic: Monday 4th April to Thursday 7th April 2022 (Registration Forms to open soon) 

  • First Competition weekend: Friday 22nd April to Sunday 24th April 2022