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FC1919 Rapid Acceleration Program


This will not be a mandatory, but rather an opt in / opt out Program run per term. 

There will be four terms per year and our first term will be starting in October this year at a discounted rate so our players can keep their legs ticking over in the short break that we have.


Our off-season program will have a greater focus on individual player development, with a specific focus on player positions. It will include field-based sessions as well as video analysis to help increase player knowledge and ability of their role within the team.


We are excited to bring this to Grange Thistle and feel this is a great step forward in providing an excellent environment for our players to develop and grow.

Our first FC1919 Rapid Acceleration term will start on Monday 2nd of October

This Program will run for 9 weeks, finishing on the 27th of November.  

Session times will be 5.00pm and 6.00pm starts depending on numbers and age groups.

The structure will generally be as follows.

  • Under 8’s to Under 12’s
    This program is entirely about improving basic technical skills. 

    • Thinking how to pass and receive a ball,

    • kicking technique,

    • Turns and

    • Shooting. 

We will eventually be grading children according to their skill levels (this will take a few weeks), 

meaning that participants in each age group will move to appropriate drills and structures or will be given more specialized coaching focused upon the very basic building blocks of football.

  • Under 13’s to Under 16’s
    This is a position specific training session.  It will be split between de
    fenders, midfielder and strikers (Goalkeepers if numbers allow) with drills and exercises specific to each group.  It will include some ‘classroom’ sessions articulating and explaining positional play. 


What are we hoping to achieve out of this program?

Our Club has heard the feedback that many of our parents and players are looking for something extra.  This Program gives access to the very highest levels of coaching in coordinated and organized development sessions. 

Our Vision is to be a coaching leader on the Northside of Brisbane, developing players and our community in a fun and inclusive environment. Therefore, the Program is open to all abilities with the intent to eventually separate the group by skill levels to ensure it remains relevant for every player.


There will be four (4) planned ‘terms’ run in 2024, Feb/Mar; May/Jun; Jul/Aug and Oct/Nov. All will be scheduled on Monday nights.  So, factor that into your decision making if you are looking at how to plan other extra-curricular activities.

The cost for this first 9-week introductory term is $165.  Numbers will be limited so sign up early. 


Please complete the Registration via the following Squadi link.

FC1919 Rapid Acceleration Program Registration

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